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Up to date
coffee roaster

We have invested much time, energy and money in a modern, efficient and up to date coffee roaster.

In our coffee roaster we process high-grade raw materials into our products. Our well-trained specialist staff work to the most rigorous standards of food safety and hygiene (IFS/BRC). All our products are produced 100% in-house. We do not sell any coffee other than that which we produce ourselves.

Our packaging machines are state of the art technology, allowing us to handle aluminium-free foil without difficulty. Our coffee roaster also has two different coffee roasting installations. Because make no mistake, you should not roast espresso beans with a roaster for fresh-brew coffee or vice versa.

Our coffee roaster is also certified to ISO 14001, a standard which indicates that a good environmental management system has been put in place. We strive continuously to improve our environmental performance.

We make you competitive